Comprehension Past Exam Papers

  Thought processes while completing a C4 Comprehension

June 2005 Communication with other civilisations

January 2006 Electing Members of the European Parliament June 2006  Modelling athletics records
January 2007  Benford’s Law June 2007  Modelling sea waves
January 2008  The Golden Ratio June 2008  Sudoku puzzles
January 2009  Measuring the volume of fuel in a tank June 2009  The Prisoner’s Dilemma 
January 2010  Cipher Systems  June 2010  Greener travel  Worked solutions
January 2011  The Art Gallery Problem  June 2011  Card safety 
 January 2012  Curves of Constant Width June 2012  The world population
January 2013  Taxicab geometry June 2013  Day-Night Maps
June 2014          Insurance for Young Drivers June 2015  Scheduling lifts
June 2016          Photomontages June 2017  Feigenbaum’s Constant 


Practice Paper & Tasks

Practice Papers - 1
(Pythagorean and other Triples)
Practice paper - 2
(Perfect Numbers)
Practice Paper - 3
(Choosing Your Weights)
Practice Paper - 4
(The 50p coin)
Practice Paper - 5
(Traffic Flow)
Practice Paper - 6
(The Mystic Rose)
Practice task 1
(Randomised Response Technique)
Practice task 2
(Do trains run late)
Practice task 3
(How far to shop)
Read Me

Comprehension for reading

An anxious moment

Apparent Planetary Motion

Choosing Your Weights (PP)

Classifying stars

Communicating with other civilisations (June05)

Directional data

Electing a Representative Parliament (Jan06)

Extra-terrestrial Civilisations

Geodesic Domes

Perfect Numbers (PP)

Photodynamic Therapy

Planetary Systems

Pythagorean and other Triples (PP)

Sunspots and Northern Animal Populations

The 50p coin (PP)

The Giant Kelp

The world’s forests

Traffic Flow (PP)

Traffic Calming